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            The National Registry's Certified Food Manager Certification Examination 
is accepted in all states and jurisdictions that recognize those standards. Florida Food Manager Certification requirements are listed at the bottom of the page. Your FOOD MANAGER CERTIFICATION  will be valid for 5 years, and you will receive a frameable certificate and wallet card. Our Food Manager Certification training program is about four hours and we have a 97% pass rate. We take a lot of pride in our passing rate so be comfortable choosing us. 

                 Department Of Health Required Food Manager Certification
The American National Standards Institute under standards established by the Conference for Food Protection accredits the National Registry’s food manager certification exam. That accreditation makes the food manager certification exam acceptable in all states and jurisdictions that recognize those standards set by ANSI and CFP, including Florida.
How long is my Food Manager Certification good for?
Food Manager Certifications are valid for 5 years.
If I have my Food Manager Certification, can I certify my employees?
Yes. As long as your Food Manager certification is valid.
Can I take the Food Manager Certification exam online on my own?
No. An administrator must be present.
                                                                          509.049, Florida Statutes

INDUSTRY BULLETIN for Florida’s Foodservice Industry SUBJECT: Food Service Employee Training and Food Manager Certification 
This bulletin is provided to aid in compliance with Florida law, and is not intended to be legal advice. While care has been taken to ensure its accuracy, in the event of conflict the actual statute or administrative rule will control. All food service employees of establishments licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation must receive specific food safety training as required in section 509.049, Florida Statutes. Additionally, all food service managers responsible for the storage, preparation, display, or serving of foods must have passed an approved test demonstrating knowledge of basic food protection practices, and received a certificate attesting thereto, pursuant to 509.039, Florida Statutes. 
FOR ALL DBPR LICENSED PUBLIC FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS  Each food service employee must receive food manager certification  training every three years using a DBPR approved program.  All Operators must provide proof of employee food safety training upon request at the time of inspection.  Proof of training for each food service employee must include: 1) name of the trained employee; 2) date of birth of the trained employee; 3) date the training occurred; and 4) approved food Manager Certification training program used. If you do not have your own inhouse approved proprietary program approved by the division, you must produce upon request of the division, original certificates as proof of training.  The establishment may designate any certified food service manager to conduct the approved training program.  A food safety training program approved by DBPR prior to September 1, 2004, must be used. 
FOR ALL “THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS” OF FOOD SAFETY EMPLOYEE TRAINING  “Third party providers” as defined in section 509.013(10) Florida Statutes, means any provider of a DBPR approved food safety training program that provides training or a training program to a public food service establishment not under common ownership or control with the provider.  Third-party providers shall issue to a public food service establishment an original certificate for each employee certified by the provider and an original card to be provided to each certified employee. Each card or certificate shall be produced by the certified food service employee or the public food service establishment, respectively, in its duly issued original form upon request of the division. Photocopies are not acceptable, and may violate copyright provisions.  All food service employee training performed using a DBPR approved third party provider program or any training service which uses a DBPR approved third party provider program must be reported electronically to DBPR, in a format prescribed by DBPR, within 30 days of the certification or re-certification. The following information must be reported: name of the certified food service employee; employee’s date of birth; name of the food service establishment; name of the certified food manager who conducted the training; date the training occurred; and date the employee food safety training 3-year certification expires.
“IN-HOUSE” PROPRIETARY TRAINING REPORTING EXEMPTION A food service establishment training its own employees using its own in-house proprietary DBPR-approved program and using its own certified food manager(s) to provide the training is exempt from electronic reporting as well as the card and certificate requirements. 
FOOD SERVICE EMPLOYEE TRAINING REMINDER Food service employees of DBPR licensees must be certified every three years. Now is the time to verify your employees are in compliance. Violations can result in administrative penalties, including fines and license suspension or revocation.  
APPROVED FOOD MANAGER CERTIFICATION EXAM PROVIDERS The following providers are approved for Food Manager Certification pursuant to Florida Statutes: -Safestaff - The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals –. Prometric 

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#1 Choice For Food Manager Certifications proudly serving 
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Florida Department Of Health Required 5 YearFood Manager Certification
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How long is the Food Manager Certification class?
Training & Exam usually takes four hours or less
Who Needs a Certified Food Manager Certification?
Section 500.12 (6) of the Florida Statutes requires the department to adopt rules for the certification of food protection managers. The rule is chapter 5k-4.021 of the Florida Administrative Code. ALL food establishments including mobile vendors permitted by the department must have a certified food manager.
What content is covered on the Food Manager Certification exam?
~Ensure Food Protection 11
~Purchase and Receive Food 11
~Store Food and Supplies 11 
~Prepare Foods 9 
~Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment 2 
~Clean and Sanitize Equipment, Utensils, and Food Contact Surfaces 4.
How do I renew my Food Manager Certification?
Retest. Some areas require additional training hours, however, Florida does not.
Food Manager Certification Exam Choices

  • We come to you and give you the food safety manager training and exam in four hours or less
  • Open Classes are available for $99, food manager certification training and exam in four hours or less
  • Online with instant results.Online option for food manager certifications must have an administrator present. You can not take the online  the food manager certification exam on your own