State Required Food Handler Training & Certification

Food Handler Training class cost is $20 per employee. Minimum of 10 if no Food Manager certification is purchased. Class can be combined with the Food Manager Certification. Employee class time is approximately 1 hour. This will bring everyone up to compliance in one class.

Food Handler Training and Wallet Card - $6
(one per employee is needed)

Employee Food Handler Training Manual is $25, only 1  is required per establishment.

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Food Handler Training
509.049, Florida Statutes
INDUSTRY BULLETIN for Florida’s Foodservice Industry SUBJECT: Food Service Employee Training and Food Handler Card Certification
This bulletin is provided to aid in compliance with Florida law, and is not intended to be legal advice. While care has been taken to ensure its accuracy, in the event of conflict the actual statute or administrative rule will control. All food service employees of establishments licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation must receive specific food handler training as required in section 509.049, Florida Statutes. Additionally, all food service managers responsible for the storage, preparation, display, or serving of foods must have passed an approved test demonstrating knowledge of basic food protection practices, and received a certificate attesting thereto, pursuant to 509.039, Florida Statutes.