Frequently  Asked  Questions
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Food Manager Certification

Will my local Department Of Health Recognize NRFSP's certification?
The American National Standards Institute under standards established by the Conference for Food Protection accredits the National Registry's exam. That accreditation makes the exam acceptable in all states and jurisdictions
that recognize those standards set by ANSI and CFP, including Florida.

How long is my Food Manager Certification good for?
Certification is valid for 5 years.
I lost my certificate, how do I get a new copy?
Contact The National Registry Of Food Safety Professionals,
If I am a Certified Food Manager, can I certify my employees?
Yes. As long as your certification is valid.
Can I take the exam online on my own?
No. An administrator must be present.
How do I order training supplies to certify my food handlers?
Easy. Order Supplies Button on the left.
Who Needs a Certified Food Protection Manager?
Section 500.12 (6) of the Florida Statutes requires the department to adopt rules for the certification of food protection managers. The rule is chapter 5k-4.021 of the Florida Administrative Code. ALL food establishments including mobile vendors permitted by the department must have a certified food manager.
How long does it take to get my Food Manager certification in the mail?
The National Registry has a great turnaround time, usually takes three weeks or less.
What content is covered on the exam?
~Ensure Food Protection 11
~Purchase and Receive Food 11
~Store Food and Supplies 11
~Prepare Foods 9
~Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment 2
~Clean and Sanitize Equipment, Utensils, and Food Contact Surfaces 4
What will I receive after passing the exam?
National Registry's Certification can provide the following benefits:
• A Diagnostic Score Report to show you how well you did on each section of the exam.
• A frameable certificate and wallet card for those who pass.
• Register your certification status and keep it on file.
• Release your certification status to your local jurisdiction, state, and/or trainer with your written approval.
What score do I need to pass the exam?
A score of 75 or higher is required to pass.
How long are the Employee Certifications good?
Three years from the date trained
What are Food Service Employee Requirements
• Each food service employee must receive food safety training certification every three years using a DBPR approved program.
• All Operators must provide proof of employee food safety training upon request at the time of inspection.
• Proof of training for each food service employee must include:
1) Name of the trained employee;
2) date of birth of the trained employee;
3) date  the training occurred;
4) approved food safety training program used. If you do not have your own inhouse approved proprietary program approved by the division, you must produce upon request of the division, original certificates as proof of training.
• The establishment may designate any certified food service manager to conduct
the approved training program.
• A food safety training program approved by DBPR  prior to September 1, 2004,
must be used.
How long is the class?
Training & Exam usually takes four hours or less
How do I renew my certification?
Retest. Some areas require additional training hours, however, Florida does not.